About Us

As a society, we rely too much on drugs without attempting to see what natural ways there are to heal our bodies.  In fact, I would say that we’ve become so reliant that it has become our worst addiction.  This website was created with the intent to help those that want to learn more about the different natural ways to heal the human body for aches, pain, strains, headaches, etc.

I first became interested in herbal remedies when my father’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer.  The doctors said that chemotherapy was the only way to help him fight the cancer.  He didn’t want to use chemotherapy as it could leave a lot of undesired effects and thought there was a better way. Everyone thought that he was crazy for not moving forward with the recommended treatment.  He strongly believed in natural herbal remedies and that it would be cure so he consulted with herbal physicians on what course of action he should take.  Two years later when he went to the doctor for his checkup, his cancer was completely gone!  The doctors were amazed. My parents were  amazed.  I was dumbfounded!  That began my journey to find out more and learn all I can about herbal remedies that can heal our bodies.

I don’t think herbal remedies is the holy grail to health and medicine but I do believe that it works wonders.  The story of my dad’s friend may not be the same case for everybody but I do know that it works and works well.

The articles that you read on this website contains a lot of professional research done to put together high quality content that you are able to use and learn from.  We hope you visit Best Herbal Remedies often for all of your herbal remedy needs.