Arnica Montana: Treat Muscle Pain and Swelling

Arnica Montana is a medicinal plant that that has been used to treat a variety ailments relating primarily to skin, muscle, and bone since the 1500s. It still remains to be in popular use amongst those looking for alternative or homeopathic medical treatment. Available in a variety of topical applications, when used properly, is an effective herbal alternative for cuts, bruises, sore muscles, sprains, and other similar afflictions.Any individual who is engaged in some sort of physical activity, whether it is typing or playing a contact sport, will sometimes experience some form of trauma. It could be a simple cut or something as bad as a sprained ankle. The fact remains that trauma is an unavoidable facet of life and that any activity puts a person at risk. Even something as simple as handling paper can even cause a cut. We are to be thankful that nature offers a variety of natural herbal solutions.

Tip 1: Knowing When To Use Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is best used for pain and swelling associated with musculoskeletal disorders. For example bruises and sprains are usually accompanied with pain and swelling or edema, and Arnica Montana can help alleviate pain and reduce swelling. Topical preparations are the most common use of Arnica but there are certain preparations that are used as mouthwash to treat canker sores.

Before considering the use of it as treatment, one must be able to determine if the individual needs to make use of the herb. The best way to do so is through consulting your doctor. Seeking medical advice on the use of the herb is best to ensure safety. People who are determined to make use of such alternative medical methods would best consult an integrative medicine specialist as they offer balanced views between allopathic and alternative medical treatment.

Tip 2: Procuring and Preparing the Right Materials

While some people may try growing their own Arnica plants, the best and probably the easiest items to use would be the dried flowers and leaves which can be purchased from health food stores and nutrition centers. The dried flowers and leaves can be used to make a tincture or a liniment along with rubbing alcohol. One must use a ratio of 1 ounce of dried flowers and leaves to 4 ounces of rubbing alcohol. The flowers and leaves are to be combined with the alcohol in a tight jar and stored for 14 days in room temperature prior to use.

Why is it necessary to follow all directions? The simple reason is that the preparation will work effectively when done so. The active ingredients are mostly soluble in alcohol, and therefore the most effective means of extracting Arnica’s beneficial substances is through creating a liniment or tincture with alcohol as a base.

Tip 3: Using the Arnica Montana Tincture or Liniment

After two weeks or 14 days of preparing the liniment, it is now ready for use. Application is simple and straightforward. The user must first strain the liquid into an airtight container so that one is left with just the liniment. Afterwards, the liquid can be applied to affected areas liberally every five hours. Affected areas may also be massaged to aid in the reduction of swelling.

Tip 4: Occasions and Conditions When One Should NOT Use Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana has significant toxicity, and therefore any preparation thereof (such as one described above) is not to be taken internally. While homeopathic preparations of arnica (tablets) are available, one study by the Royal Society of Medicine has not found any significant benefit from them. People who are found to be allergic to Arnica Montana are advised not to use the herb in any form or preparation. Should any preparation of it cause a serious allergic reaction, be swallowed or taken internally or if any other adverse reactions are experienced, it is advised to seek immediate medical attention.

In summary, Arnica Montana is a plant that is useful as an alternative for treatment of a variety of minor injuries such as bumps and bruises and muscle soreness and pain. Effective usage of the herb relies on knowledge about the conditions for which the plant is indicated, the proper method of preparing the plant for use, and the conditions or situations when it is best avoided. While there are numerous testimonies that attest to its effectiveness, most of the claims have not been substantiated by scientific studies. Keeping in mind the tips presented here ensures that one is able to take advantage of the benefits of Arnica Montana.

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