Ayurvedic Medicines: The Holistic Healing Science

Ayurveda is actually a Sanskrit word which means the absolute information on longevity. It is known as ayurvedic medicine in India, a conventional method of medicine which is an inherent medical practice in this country. Other countries in the world have started to practice this method of preventing diseases known as alternative medicine. Southern Asia is known to be the origin of ayurveda specifically India and in fact has the first writings or journals about conventional medicine. Various medical researches and surgical practices have been developed by ayurvedic practitioners to treat a variety of diseases.

Ayurveda in the Western world of medicine is categorized as a scheme of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM. CAM does not substitute the current management that is going on between the patient and his doctor but actually complements it as the term implies. Concerned on healthy living standards in the entire life span of an individual including its different stages, ayurveda emphasizes harmonizing the three energy elements namely: earth, wind and fire. This medical practice believes that these three elements are essential to achieve a healthy being. When these three elements are in harmony, a person’s body will work in abundance; however, if they are not in harmony, the body is negatively affected causing the emergence of illnesses. Ayurveda believes that to have a healthy metabolic system, one must have good absorption and appropriate elimination to foster energy. It gives emphasis to exercise, meditation, yoga and massage. In other words, a person’s mind, body and spirit must be dealt with to attain health and wellness as a whole.

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

Complementary and alternative medicine concentrates in preventing a disease. It works closely with the treatment given or being given by the physician to his patient. Therapeutic, healing and preventive health care procedures and treatments are included in the whole alternative medicine practice. Unfortunately, majority of the medical society are anti-CAM and do not distinguish it as they believe that it does not conform within the area of traditional medical practice. The reason is CAM does not fall under the traditional or conventional medical system as well as it does not have any scientific basis with regards the effectivity of the therapies used in CAM management. This alternative health care service encompass a wide sort of management like ayurveda, naturapathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic, holistic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, spiritual devotions and a whole lot more.

Nonetheless, it is enough to say that a lot of the principal medical advances with regards to assuaging the combat of diseases and pain are brought about by these alternative and holistic therapies. It is, therefore, essential to understand what complementary and alternative medicine can do to a person beset with illness.

Ayurveda Helps Prevent Diseases

Some of the medical ailments where ayurveda has been used are:

• high cholesterol level
• hypertension
• arthritis
• heart diseases
• asthma
• flu
• colds and cough
• blood disorders
• constipation
• diabetes
• immunity problems
• obesity
• oral disorders
• acne
• allergies
• skin problems
• digestive disorders
• insomnia
• ulcers
• sexual problems such as impotence and low libido
• nervous disorders, etc.

We can go on and have a long list of these ailments. The remedies endorsed by Ayurveda are straightforward and natural. Ayurveda healing incorporates the use of the familiar herbs that we know as well as including other methods such as exercise, special diets, yoga, and relaxation treatment like tea and healing paste.

Combined with your current medications, altering your everyday habit will enhance your health and live pleasantly with nature. Our body has its natural healing energies as long as these are not being blocked by pessimism.

To fully understand ayurveda, one must open his mind to the fact that submitting yourself to a physician’s expertise is definitely not enough to cure you. An illness may be resolved with the help of surgical and oral treatments prescribed by a physician; nevertheless if the mind and soul of a sick person is still bothered and has a lot of worries at the back of his mind, then healing will not be completely achieved. The negative emotions and thoughts will still continue to eat on his physical well-being thereby frustrating in the achievement of wellness.

The internet offers a lot of resources as well on ayurvedic medicine as well as ayurvedic products. You can even find eBooks that will give you information on ayuveda. An increased knowledge on this subject matter can lead you to your search of complete healthiness.

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